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To make your garden or outdoor living more beautiful, we can think of more than just plants. The pergolas are wooden structures and can be installed in different ways to make your environment much more elegant and cozy.

Pergola & Paver, a perfect match.

Pergolas were formerly used as a support for planting grape vines and over time gained decorative utility and extension of covered areas.

They are normally used in the external areas of the homes as a decorative piece or as an extension of the covered useful area. There are numerous models of pergolas, from the most simple and classic to the most daring and modern. There will be a suitable model for each taste or one that will best match your environment.

Pavers are widely used in outdoor areas, mainly for patios at the back of the houses as an area for dining and leisure, summer kitchens and around the pool. Due to the warm Florida climate, the demand for covered outdoor areas is very high, which makes the combination of pavers and pergolas so attractive for the most different purposes. Count on Verbo to install your pergola and pavers.

The wooden structure makes perfect integration with nature so if you like this contact a pergola will be the ideal place to enjoy this harmony every day with your garden it will be more imposing and sophisticated.

If you have an unused corner in your beautiful garden, or still want to bring more shade to your outdoor area, create or expand your gourmet space to receive your friends over a delicious barbecue, or a place of peace and quiet for your meditation. These are some of the possible uses of a pergola, versatility is one of its main characteristics, in addition to its beauty of course.

The pergolas combine very well with wooden decks, leaving the atmosphere harmonious, but without a doubt they look great with other types of floors, such as pavers.

Discover the best ways to use a pergola.

Find out how pergolas are built.

The pergolas can be made of materials like iron, masonry, aluminum, but the wooden one is preferred because nothing beats the natural beauty of wood, that’s why Verbo works exclusively with wooden pergola.

The woods used are treated under pressure and the fittings are galvanized, materials that are suitable for outdoor environments with great durability, resistant to rain, sun and climatic variations.

The posts are fixed with cement below the ground between 2 and 3 feet leaving the structure firm and resistant to even the strongest storms. When there is already a cement floor in place, fixing brackets are used, eliminating the need to break the existing floor.

The structures can receive roofs of different types, the most used in the meantime are polycarbonate, because they are beautiful, provide good shade and do not heat the environment. Metal roofs can be used, which are undoubtedly very resistant and allow total
shade in the place.

It is very advisable to coat the wood with some type of covering in paint or stain, besides making it more beautiful, it will give more durability to the structure. There are many colors and tones that can be used, you can keep the woody structure or even use some solid color,
leaving it the way that best suits your taste.’


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